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How to Prevent Kitchen Sink Clogs with Eight Preventative Measures

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Garbage disposals are a useful appliance found in many homes. They make it easy to get rid of food waste quickly and efficiently. However, it's important to know what not to put down the garbage disposal to prevent clogs and other issues.

Here are some items that you should never put down your garbage disposal:

  1. Grease and oil: Pouring grease and oil down the garbage disposal can cause them to solidify and create a clog in your pipes. Instead, pour grease and oil into a container and dispose of it in the trash. Tip: Aluminum foil is a great tool to utilize to reduce mess from grease. Create a cup with the foil, pour in the grease and let it solidify. Once solid, form the aluminum foil into a ball and dispose in the garbage.

  2. Bones: Large bones can damage the blades of your garbage disposal, and small bones can get stuck in the blades and cause clogs. Dispose all bones in the trash or food waste bin.

  3. Fruit pits and seeds: Hard fruit pits and seeds can also damage the blades of your garbage disposal. Dispose of them in the food waste or compost bin.

  4. Pasta and rice: These foods expand when they come into contact with water, which can cause clogs in your pipes.

  5. Fibrous vegetables: Vegetables like celery, asparagus, onions and artichokes have long fibers that can get tangled in the blades of your garbage disposal and cause strain on the disposal's motor.

  6. Eggshells: While some people believe that eggshells can help clean the blades of your garbage disposal, they can actually cause damage. Tip: Crushed eggshells serve many purposes in your garden including repelling harmful insects, adding calcium and aeration to the soil or compost and even supplementing bird food.

  7. Potato peels: The peels on a potato are too thick to be cut up by the average home garbage disposal and will cause the disposal to seize up resulting in a clog in your sink or even a broken disposal. Throw away potato peels in the compost or food waste bin.

  8. Non-Food Items: Never put non-food items down the garbage disposal. These items can damage the blades and cause clogs in the pipes. Examples of non-food items include bottle caps, plastic utensils, and paper.

If you follow these simple tips, you can prevent a costly visit from a plumber and extend the life of your appliance. If your garbage disposal does become clogged, find tips on fixing common minor issues click here

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